True Love’s Kiss

Since today is my wedding anniversary, I thought I would take this time to talk about how wonderful it can be to do Disney with people in love.  You see, this photo was taken last year, as my husband and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary.  He was gracious enough to indulge me in a weekend getaway, just the two of us.  We had never done Disney without our kids before, so I knew that not only this was going to be a romantic journey for us, but it would also give me a chance to show my sweetie the adult side of Disney.

We used our DVC points and stayed at the Beach Club Villas for this short stay.  It was beyond perfect for us, although we were literally minutes away from missing our flight TO Disney! That’s a memory that is funny now…..but back then…..stressful!

We took an early-bird flight so we could arrive in Orlando at 10am.  We skipped the Magical Express and decided to splurge and use Tiffany Towncar for a personal ride to the villas.  It was an added expense, but our trip was so short that we didn’t want to lose a single minute.  So, after our very short drive, we were checked-in immediately, received our “Happy Anniversary” buttons and headed for Epcot.

We spent the entire day there, hitting the rides I thought he would love (Soarin, Test Track, Spaceship Earth, Mission Space), and honestly, doing the things I thought he would enjoy most, “Drinks Around the World”.  There was no rush, no hustle.  Just the two of us, hand in hand, gliding our way around the countries, remembering why we loved each other so much, and realizing how vital “adult time” really is in a relationship.

The weather was wonderful, beautiful during the day, and so chilly at night that we had to buy jackets!  We went back to the room to get ready for dinner, ate supper at Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Resort, and then headed to the DVC lounge at Bay Lake Tower for drinks and to watch the fireworks from the amazing balcony.  Nothing felt better than watching those with my love, even though I was shivering!  We were cold and thought it was time to call it a night, but before we left, we rode the monorail over to the Polynesian so I could get my favorite Disney dessert, a Dole Whip!  After that, we headed back to the Beach Club, and we “thought” we were done for the night,  when we decided differently.  We again, realized, it’s just the two of us, so let’s enjoy this night for as long as we can.

We went for a walk around the property, and strolled around, hand in hand, over to the Boardwalk resort.  We spent three hours walking outside together, and literally, saw no one until we got to the Boardwalk.  Once there, we got a bite to eat, and headed back “home”.

The next morning, we slept in, had breakfast together, snuck in one more adult drink before heading back to Epcot for short stroll.  We bought the kids some souvenirs, and by the time we ate lunch,  it was time to catch the Magical Express so we could fly back home.  It was only two days together, one full day and a half at the parks, but it felt like it was a week together.  We needed that for us, and we vowed to always make time like this for each other.

It made my husband appreciate Disney in a different way. It can be exhausting at times when you are traveling with your whole family.  But this time, this trip, with just the two of us….it was magical….and definitely something we will do again this year.

If this sounds like something you and your sweetheart would love to do, please feel free to visit my website to get a custom quote www.magical-vacations/debbie.lands  or email me at  See ya soon pal!

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